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Date: October 28th 1916
Joseph Lapsansky (father)
John Lapsansky
Newspaper Article

[Published in the newspaper The Ladysmith Chronicle, on October 28, 1916.]

Letter form Jonny Lapsansky

The following letter has been received by Mr. Joseph Lapsansky from his son, Johnny, now at the front:

 “DEAR FATHER: – I received Annie’s letter some time ago, but when I was about to answer it we were hurriedly called up to a battle and so I had no chance to write. Since I wrote to you last I have been through two hot scraps and came out fine and dandy. There were men hit all around me, but I never was hit but once, and that was just a scratch on the face. Of course I was knocked down two or three times but managed to get up as strong as when I went down.

“I’m very sorry to hear that you have been so sick, father, and very glad to hear you are getting much better. Stick it out, dad, and when I come back, we’ll have some good hunting trips together. We’ll take at least one week in the mountains, and I assure you I’m not a bad shot.

“By the way, dad, we sure did give the Germans h––– this time. We drove them right away back, and when they saw the bayonets coming over after them, they threw up their hands and cried, ‘Mercy, Komrade.’ You know if this was spring, instead of late autumn, we would drive them right back into Germany and finish this war, but the weather is getting too bad to make much progress now.

“Some of the prisoners were German Poles, so I had lots of fun talking to them. Just for fun I told them I was also a German Pole, but was fighting for the best country in the world, and they were quite taken back. Believe me, they are quite pleased to be prisoners for they are treated well. I brought quite a number of badly wounded in from shell holes and gave them water and something to eat. Well, dad, I must close now, but will write again soon. Give my love to dear mother and the rest of the family. Goodbye, dad, and love to all,


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