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Date: March 19th 1916
Harold Dean

[from information in the letter of April 18th, 1916, it is likely that the letter below was written while at St Vincent, Cape Verde Islands]

March 19. 1916

Dear Mother                                                                                   

Just a line to impress upon you I have had no mail for a long while. The last I had was the parcel which as I told you was in splendid condition. We are now entering into the proper rainy season down here that is March, April and the first week or two in May. The roads will not be fit for heavy truck transport now till June. We get the most of our rain at night but ocassionly it rains in the day time as well. When the sun does shine it is very hot. Although the hottest weather was supposed to be at Christmas I believe it is equally as hot now We have not been to badly off up to the present with the Fords but there are some days when even these cannot get along through the swamps. I am camped here on a hill at present not working but I expect to go out on convoy in a day or two. The scenery from here is beautiful as the cultivation made by the natives show up nice and green in the valley below the town of [censored] is just below us with its white houses with red roofs the railway station standing out clearly as the largest building. To look at the town and surrounding country in all its pretty shades of green etc. one would not think it was such a fever ridden country as it is.

Well I have no news at all as yet. Although I expected to leave this country long before this I am still here and I dont know how long more we will stay. My health is fairly good and I have nothing to worry about here as we have plenty of rations now and have a fairly good time. Well Mother I must close Give my love to all and remember me to my friends

I remain
Your loving son

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