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Date: February 6th 1916
Maude, (sister)

Exhibition Grounds Wpg.
Feb. 6 1916

My Dear Maudess,

Having nothing in particular to write about, I thought I’d better write to you, for if you object to the size of the letter, I can easily fight you, see? Since I wrote the last letter, I was up to the 53rd barracks and was talking to Nelson for a few minutes. I think Pa got a letter from either him or his brother.

On Thursday night Charlie Johnston and I went to the “Pantages’ Theatre”. The show was very good, but I was interested in the ladies orchestra. They got away with it, all right, but as Mrs. Billington said, they have their difficulties.

Yesterday afternoon I met M[?] & Johnston up town and we spent the afternoon at the Y.M.C.A., fooling around the gymnasium and the swimming pool. I sure enjoyed myself in the tank. Then at night we all went skating at the Winnipeg rink. I managed to fill up ten out of twelve bands, and was all in last night. This afternoon M[?] and I intend to go out to the agricultural college. Its started to snow again though, and I don’t know how the cars may be tied up. You know that youngest Billington girl that I said went the agricultural college? Well, from all accounts other students give me, she manages to keep the place alive, and all the professors in dread of their lives. I met Henderson & Armstrong last night.

I suppose you read the write up in the Tribune that the 45th has got. A big page of it. According to them we’re liable to move inside a couple of months, but we haven’t heard anything official yet.

Well Maudess, I guess this is long enough.

Your loving Brother

Miss Maud Hill

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