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Date: April 5th 1915

Risborough Barracks
5 4 15

My darling girl,

I have not had a letter from you for over a week, & its pretty rotten trying to write any kind of an interesting letter when I dont get one myself, I dont think it's your fault girlie, but there's been two Canadian mails in since I last wrote but no letter from you, I got a letter from Hines the other day a very nice letter too, I had written him on the boat & he seemed very pleased to get my letter, he told me he had acted on my suggestion re letting Joe & Motheral share in the responsibility of running the store & said it was working very well. was I went to Canterbury last Sunday morning with four more of our officers, got in [in] time for the morning service in the Cathedral it was fine, the singing beautiful, the Archbishop preached, in the afternoon the wife of the Dean showed us around & gave us the history, showed us the place where Thomas a Becket murdered, the tomb of the Black Prince & all kinds of interesting historical places. Have just written an application for leave from the 10th to the 18th I hope I get it so that I can get to Mold & Leeds next week. It seems to be the general impression here that the war won't last many more months I think myself it will be over before next Winter.

I hope the kiddies are keeping well, it would be jolly if I could slip over now & then & give you all a good hug. Will write you a long letter after I get one from you. Love to the girls & all on the farm, Fondest love to yourself & the chicks.

Your loving hubby,