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Date: June 19th 1944
Arthur Bergquist

V79878 P.O. Arthur Bergquist

Princess Alice Camp

Minnicog Island,

Midland Ont.

June 19, 1944

Dear Ma Pa & Ruth:

Just a few lines to let you know that I received a letter and a postcard and some papers to-day.

Well to-day is Monday and I had another trip into Midland this morning and left there at 1.30 to come back here. I had work to do on the boar so went along. The boat I have been working on since coming up to the island is the one I sent a picture of to you. It is the long grey one that looks kind of like a big speed boat. I had my dinner in Midland to-day but I only had a [?] cheese sandwich and a piece of strawberry short cake and coffee, and even that came to 45 c. The yacht that I had my picture taken on is supposed to come up here to the island to-morrow.

I haven’t taken a picture of this place yet but I am one of these days. The scenery sure is swell but that is all there is good about it. I sure hope Rubert has his uniform when I go to Toronto this week end because I sure would like to take a picture of him in it. I am going to put in a request form for next week end off. I have to put in a request form saying that I want the week end off just like had to do at “York” on at “Discovery: I am pretty well positive that I will get the week end off because the C.O. promised me that I would so if he doesn’t change his mind I will be okay.

I sure hope you will have nice weather for your holiday. You sure seem to have been having your share of rain there in Van-couver. The weather here around “Midland” has been pretty swell for a long time now. There has been a little rain the last couple of days though but it didn’t rain very long.

So you have been having a permanent, eh Ma? Ill bet you sure look swell. I dont remember whether I told you before or not but I am staying in a cabin with two other fellows. The cabin is divided into two rooms with two best in each. There is lights in the cabin too, they are not electric though but are run by “Carbide Gas” and you light them just like a gas stove. We also have a little “Carbide Gas” stove where we are able to heat water. In each room there are dresser and a writing desk, so I am pretty well fixed for comfort. I think we have the best place on the island—lucky me as usual.

To-night before supper some of the fellows in the cabin and myself were walking around on the island and we found some wild strawberries. They are very small but they are sweeter than the ones they sell in the stores. All we need now is some sugar and cream and we will be all set for a feed.

I have just come back from having a cup of cocoa and bread and jam at the cook-house. They have what they call a mug up at nine o’clock.

Thanks a lot for your letter Pa. I sure hope you make out all night with your cooking this week while Ma & Ruth are away on their holiday. Ma will see to it though that you have almost everything you will need in the way of eats though so you will get along alright. Ill bet you sure will be glad when they come home though.

Well I guess this will have to be all for now, so hoping that you are all okay I will stop here until to-morrow night.

Love to you all


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