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Date: May 28th 1916

D company 67th Bat. Canada Regt.



May 28 1916

Anwyl Nhad a Mam

How are you all still going strong, I hope.  The old firm is not going down is it.  I hope you are all in the best of health as I am at the present time.  We have moved to Bramshot, the big Canadian camp, and we are in much better quarters.  I am at the present time, at Longmoor rifle ranges, marking in the buttes.  It is a monotonous job from morning till night, but we shall be finished in a few days, and will go back to Bramshot. Good luck.

How is fathers army life getting along a bit more cheerful I hope. and had he gone to Ottawa yet.  I don’t think they will start on time no outfit ever did in this army.  Well I wish him the best of luck.  There is no sign of us going to France yet.  The 62nd of Vancouver have now quite a large number now.  They asked for 150 men of the Western Scots but we did not go and are likely to go for 3 months as we are now Pioneers of the 4th Divisions Canadians and we have some training to do yet.  I think we will be divided up as they do not send any man over 35 to the front now as is the youngest they pick out.

I hope Auntie is quite well and happy, and is going to send me that long letter soon give her my best love and my best love to Alan and Alivena bach, and I hope they are well.  Well hope to get a letter from you soon Mam bach, and my best love to you all

I remain

Your loving son


P.S. You ought to see Willie and Slibbings in kilts, we look quite porridgy.


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