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Date: October 28th 1916


Oct 28th/16

Dear Mother & All.

We are now about five miles from Quebec and the train is moving slowly. We have just left Chaudire junction where we were off and had a short route march. The people are French and seemed very unpatriotic they didn’t cheer or say anything to us. They looked out of the windows of the houses but were very quiet. We are just passing a field where a farmer is ploughing with a team of Oxen. He is making very poor headway. A little while ago we saw a fellow ploughing with a steer & a horse. It sure did look funny, the farms here are small and the barns are very poorly ventilated or [?] lighted. Only about two small windows (of two panes) in a side of a barn and they have hardly any brick foundations. Nearly all board. We don’t see many waggons but nearly all carts and one horse affairs. I see some farmers taking in hay. We are passing over a river with a lot of falls in it it looks very pretty. We passed over the St Laurence river bridge at Montreal which is a mile and a half long. Compared to 25 spans.

We left Camp yesterday afternoon at 3:15 P.M. and passed through Lindsay about 8. The [?] sam resides there and his daughter heard we were coming through and she prepared a fine lunch for us. Also candy

I received the Testament all O.K just before we left camp, Thanks, I am sending Emalie a card also.

I got a nice letter from Auntie Em[?] and Uncle Wilson & one from Gifford.

Well I am a mess orderly for all the time we are on the train and as it is 6 P.M we will soon have too fall in to get a paper [?]. Will write again later on from your loving son


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