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Date: February 29th 1916

29. 2. 16.

My Dear Trio:-

On the move again eh!, well I'm pleased to hear you've got a comfortable place and am looking anxiously forward to the time when I can join you there. It certainly will be suitable for me if it faces the Humber, I often think of that valley. You know our trenches lie in a valley. but how different this valley is desolate, ruined farms, broken trees and barbed wire, with a little cross here & there.But the sun will shine again & all the sad times will be forgotten.

Well I guess it's time I wish my little niece many Happy Returns of Her birthday. A year old and I've never seen her. Never mind I hope I shall be home on her next birthday. You know I've been in France a year now, doesn't the time fly. Doesn't seem like twenty months since I started for Berlin, my, but it's been a long & weary journey. But they havn't killed me yet.

Yes by all accounts little Frances must be one beauty, nothing like her old unc: then.

So Reg. Smith has got a commission, well I hope he makes good. I was thinking of getting one, only I'm too small for the Guards. I'd have to join the Bantams. You know I don't grow, that is upwards. I guess my outward dimensions have increased some, though.

Pleased to hear you got the photo alright, it wasn't too bad, but. I was looking rather gloomy I think.

The weather out here was pretty cold last week & snowed all the time we were in the trenches.

I have written to Florrie & Elliot & Jim sent Clara a photo for me. I have some job keeping up with my correspondence.

Well I guess this is all just now hoping all are well and that you havn't been frozen.

Well Good bye & Best Love to all.