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Date: February 13th 1936

Feb 13th ‘36


My dear Beryl.


I was so very sorry to hear of your most unfortunate illness- I had hoped to have gone up to see you on my return from the South & to tell you of our trip but Ive never been more tied down or busier than I am today & getting away for even half a day seems quite impossible just at present.


After such a long holiday I felt it would be extremely difficult to get back to work again & I was absolutely determined that I would do things gradually & let myself down easily by coming down to the office for about 10 minutes the first day, half an hour the next an hour the next and so on until at the end of two weeks or so I’d be putting in a full day- but while this sounded alright in theory it didnt work out at all and ever since Ive been back Ive been going hard till long past usual business hours- there seems to be so much to attend to that has been stored up while Ive been away- I hardly know where to start!


However I have a fairly good hope of getting straightened up before long and I’ll be up at the very first opportunity-


I have quite a collection of photographs which I think will interest you-


Meantime I hope you will get better & better & will soon be home & about again

With much love & in great haste

Your affectionate brother


Original Scans

Original Scans

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