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Date: December 29th 1916

35 Squadron

Royal Flying Corps



Dec 29th



My dearest Beryl.


So glad to get another letter from you this morning & addressed straight to this squadron in Norfolk. It is the first one I have had direct here from Canada.


Poor George, I was so very sorry to hear that he had died of wounds. As I said in my other letter the Naval Division had done so wonderfully at Beaucourt Hamel and all England was thrilled with the accounts of their magnificent trench taking and bombing raids. Fancy George getting the Military Cross too! It was comparatively easy to get it sometime ago but nowadays it is much more difficult and they are not thrown about as before. I would write to Florence but I don’t know whether she is in England or America, any way I will write to her at Browley and chance it.


I had a letter from Lucy Little telling me of her Mothers visit to Kewaire. She said “Mother came back saying ‘Mrs. Duke is the most charming person I have ever met and I’m in love with Miss Duke’” This was so nice and I was so bucked to hear it.


How is the Pembertons shop getting along. I havent heard from them for months.


No I havet yet sent the photos I had taken at Folkstone. They have been lying in my bag for ages. They are not very good or else I would have sent them before. A good one I hope will arrive sometime, I have never had a good one taken but will have one of these days.


Best love to Everybody

Your fond brother



Original Scans

Original Scans

Duke Lancelot RFC Canada WWI Duke Lancelot RFC Canada WWI Duke Lancelot RFC Canada WWI