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Date: August 31st

16 London Road


31 Aug.



My dear Beryl


So glad you like the R.F.C scarf and that it suits you etc- I thought perhaps you’d like an R.F.C one.


Thanks also so much for the list of university school boys, killed, that you sent me- it was most interesting, several of them I had no idea were over here at all.


I suppose you’ve heard that poor old Despard is missing! Im simply heart broken for we were the very greatest of friends possible and had done so many jobs of work over the lines together. Poor old Dep. I do hope he’s a prisoner at least- I cant believe anything has happened to him The finest hearted fellow I’ve ever met was dear old Despard Pemberton.


I must say I feel so rotten being in England now while all my friends are still out in France working hard every day- and then “missing”- it certainly makes me feel blue!!


I’ve now only got about 2 more weeks here at Reading now and then off to some squadron or other in England.


I had two exams yesterday and I think I passed alright for they were pretty easy. I now have engines to do and am being examined at the end of 2 weeks again.


I’ve met several Victorians here taking this course one of them being in the same platoon as Dick Palmer when in the 196th Batt. I see in this mornings paper, that Brian, the fellow who used to be cashier at the Bank of Montreal has died of wounds!


Theres not much news these days so Ill end up.


Much love and kisses to all at home

Ever your very loving brother Lance

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