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Date: June 10th 1918

June 10th 1918.

My dearest Beryl

Val sent me on a such a nice photo of yourself I think it is quite the best you’ve had taken for a long time & I’m very glad to have it- I didnt mean to inflict all those photos of myself on the family- I’m sure there are enough there already, & half of which ought to be destroyed- but I would like Mr Fraser of the Merchants Bank to have one if you could send him it-

I went to see the Learys day before yesterday- the eldest son (I’ve forgotten his name) was there: he’s very much like Handley and quite a pleasant chap: he came over quite recently from Egypt and is to be married very shortly to quite a nice looking girl: they all, of course, wanted to be remembered to all of you at home:

Where is Jack Stewart nowadays I wrote to him at Oxford some time ago but havent heard a word: perhaps he has gone across to the war?

England is terribly tame these days and I’m very very sick of it, especially London: I should enjoy a spell in the country though & it must be so nice just now for we are having lovely weather:

I hear Phil has a little girl- Cuthbert was in at the Masons a short while ago- I didnt see him- they say he was mad with excitement about the baby

I’ve just lunched with Townsend of Duncan S. B.C. he was shot down in France & taken prisoner some time ago but was repatriated on account of wounds- he’s flourishing now though.

A great friend of mine Major Officer of the Australians turned up on leave, very unexpectedly, last night, and so I’m very pleased: he’s going down to Falmouth tomorrow for a weeks fishing & river sailing- he wants me to go too but of course they wont let me away from Whitechapel-

No news, so I’ll stop here-

Much love dear Beryl

Ever your loving brother


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Original Scans

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