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Date: July 11th 1917

Royal Flying Corps.

B.E.F. France.

11 July 1917.

My dearest Beryl

A parcel from you arrived 2 days ago but I havent yet had the chance to open it: however it will be done tonight, and I’ve no doubt that it is as equally good as all the others.

Fancy them starting such an enormous flying scheme in Vancouver. Is it a school or what is it and what kind of machines are they going to have? I rather imagine they will start off by using that American bus the “Curtis”- which isnt much good, Im afraid- at least not for France, although it may be quite a success as a school machine.

Yes, I wish I could get over there myself it would be simply great. Ive had nearly 6 months out here with the Flying Corps, and you’re not usually kept much longer, although one never knows what they’ll do with you- as a matter of fact I hope to go home to England, take my pilots certificate, and then come out again on a fast single seater scout machine: one can be so independent then & there’s rather more sport in it I think!!

I’d also like to have a shot for the Canadian Flying Corps because the man who is in charge at Toronto is Colonel B. Vernon Harcourt, he used to be in command of this squadron and so I know him very well & besides we always got on well together- I might get quite a good job through him. But still there’s so much likely to happen etc and its almost an impossible thing to arrange things at all yet.- Ill wait till I get my pilots cert. before I start to do anything.

We are moving again from here in a day or two now so if I cant write I’ll send a F.S. Card or two.

Best love from your very loving brother Lance.

P.S.  Thanks very much for all the letters they’re most welcome always. L.

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Original Scans

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