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Date: April 28th 1915

Merchants Bank of Canada
Victoria BC

Ap. 28th


My dear Beryl.

I hope that you had a good trip over to Vancouver & arrived at your destination alright.

Well this letter is really being “scribed” for this purpose of wishing you many happy returns of April 20th

There is not much to record since you have been away. Yesterday I went & had a splendid afternoon of tennis at the Club.  We have 3 clay courts & one wooden one.  The clay ones are not quite ready for play yet but they hope to have them in suitable condition by Monday next. 

This morning coming down to the bank I was unfortunately caught “speeding” by a “cop” on a motor-cycle- an awful old “Excelsior”- it was following me all the way along Quadra St. - having been rather suspicious about my speed in days gone by. - & when I stopped up at “the” Bank all ready for a strenuous days work  the poor wretch came puffing behind on his “Excelsior” – took my names – number & address & said I was going 25 miles an hour. – Well I felt like telling him that he was a bit of a liar because I was going fully 35 per hour & was priding myself on the performance -. 

Well driving during morning I went out to get few cheques Etc & every 2nd person I knew on this little island wanted to know – “You would speed would you.”

First of all Miss Duncalfe  wanted to know how the cycle was. – I said it was just able to sit up & take up a little nourishment thank you – She thought it had had too much nourishment in the way of Gasoline- That awful stuff that will insist on making bikes go so fast.  She was one of the few who stopped me & said the saw the cop talking to me. 

 Then Douglas comes in & wanted to know what all the row down at the Station was about. He was down there talking to the Chief of Police (It seems a bit funny doesn’t it that he should be down there) when the fellow brought in my name.

Well now. I am looking forward to the court – It will be all over in about 1 minute if I plead guilty.

Well we are wandering a bit away from the birthday – greeting I of course hope it will be a success. etc. etc.

We are very busy here now so I must close. Please remember me to Mrs. Fawcett & Miss Geo---n.  She may want quite a bit of reminding & remembering Etc. 

Well good bye & best love

Ever your afec. brother

Lancelot deS Duke

Some “signature”

 (worth quite a lot when I am broke)

Do not say anything about motorcycle affair 

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Original Scans

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