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Date: May 30th 1916


 Edmonton, Alberta
May 30, 1916

Dear Parents;-

 This battalion is still in Edmonton although we emptied our ticks of straw and rolled our blankets and overcoats yesterday.  This is the second time that the order to move to Sarcee has been canceled. 

 Ethel came to town last night and is going out this afternoon, but since I am on kitchen fatigue I cannot get out of barracks to be with her.  I got my second innoculation just about half an hour ago.  It is done with an injection needle which is shoved about half an inch along just under the skin of the arm nearly in the same place as vaccination.

 Ethel and I wanted to get a picture of our family taken before I have to leave but it seems as though we are not going to be able to manage it unless this battalion’s leaving Edmonton continues to be canceled for some time.

 We are going to need about all the money we shall have to meet the payment on our farm this summer, but hope to be able to pay it right on time.  The taxes are paid for this year and Ethel opened a bank account today by depositing about $140.  The payment to be made on the place on August 1st amounts to $200 and $66.50 interest.  This leaves about $126.50 for us to raise by that time.  Ethel receives $20 per month of my salary, $20 per month separation allowance, and we hope $20 per month from the Patriotic fund.  She has received the separation allowance for May so that we hope for $40 from that source before August 1st. We also hope for $60 from her part of my salary and $40 from the Patriotic fund.  She should get $20 more than this from the Patriotic fund and we may get it.  However we more likely may not.  My check amounts to $1.10 per day minus $20 per month.

 Well I must read the orders and get ready to dish ut supper so shall close for now.  I remain,

Your Loving Son,