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Date: June 16th 1916

Deer Mound, Alta.,
June 16, 1916

 My Dear Earl,

 I was very pleased to get your letter but I want a nicer one next time.  I am anxious to hear how you are because it must be wetter than ever down there since this last rain. 

 I went to town again Tuesday and raised $20 from the Patriotic fund by waiting two hours.  There is $142 in the bank and $45 more to put in besides it I am expecting another check tomorrow.  I haven’t been spending hardly any money but I want to get our pictures taken when you come up from Calgary.  I would like to have you get your picture taken to put in that thing that I got made.  Get one taken a little larger than a post card just head and shoulders and not put on a card.

 I am going to try and make our boy do his jobs in the po.  I went to the shack and got that board. 

 Our little darlings are in the best of health.  Little Edie has written you a letter all her self and put some kisses on it for her papa.  She kissed the paper all over and then started to mark on it.

 The cows are giving a dandy lot of milk now.  The colt is doing fine.  There was a letter for you from Bert so I will send it along.  You want to write to Uncle Sam too Earl.  You know he is always glad to get a letter.  He hasn’t been feeling very well lately.  They have finished putting in the crop on our place.  Edie says her little prayer every night now and she never forgets her papa either.

 I haven’t got sick or pale in the face yet but I think I may have the croup tonight.

 I would be disappointed not to get a letter every week.  Earl dear take good care of yourself and be good.  Keep your things in good order.  Good bye dearest.

 Your loving Ethel