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Date: March 3rd 1917

Mar. 3 1917

Somewhere in France
Dear Mother:-

At last I am in the trenches. I am right in the front line trench and I find it interesting at times and sometimes it gets a little exciting (and then some). There were only four of our old M.G. Section came to this part of the country. There are two Icelanders besides myself but I only see them once in a while. A sniper nearly got me the other day but as luck would have it he missed me by a couple of feet.

Since then, I have kept my head down nearer the ground. If you saw me sometimes you would say I looked like old Friman (you know Ben Frimanson father) only I walk a little more stooped than he does. That is to say, I do sometimes but not always. I have been in good health since I came out here, that is one consolation. I have not received any mail since I came to France but I guess I will soon get some, now that I have settled down to business.

I would like you to send me some cake and tarts and some Home made toffee and nut Bars and chocolate bars or anything that's good to eat in the line of sweets. I would like also a few packages of Players cigarettes and about two packages of Old Chum tobacco and a packet of cigarette papers. I would also like you to send me a pair of socks but not very heavy socks as the weather is getting a good deal warmer.

You told me in some of your letters that I should let you know if I wanted anything. Well Mother dear, how do you like this big order to start with?

If you could spare me five dollars it would help me a great deal. We don't get as much money here as we did in England. I got paid once since I arrived in France but when I came into the trenches I was broke. I didn't have a cent. We get four packages of cigarettes issued to us each week and that has kept me partly in smokes. I don't know what I would have done for smokes if it had not been for that. But I don't like the cigarettes they give us, as well as I do Players cigarettes. Send me a pair of woollen mitts. If you send the money, send it by Money Order on Army P.O. London. I wrote to Frank and Mundi and Mrs. Tyler when I was at the machine Gun Pool but have not had an answer from them yet. I don't know whether Mundi or Frank is France or England. I know they were in England when I came across. You can tell all my friends that I am in the trenches and that I send them all my best regards. Give my regards to Jon. Sigurdson and family and send me their address. Tell me all about what is going on around Gimli. I will close now. Kiss Dad and the Kiddies for me.

With Heaps of love from your loving son


721948 Prt. A.J. Polson
5th Canadian M.G. Company
B.E.F. France