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Date: December 13th 1918

Dec 13 . 18

Dear Heart

I have just let two days pass without writing and I'm sorry but I'll try to make up now. On Wednesday I went out to see Pug and it took me all the afternoon and most of the evening to accomplish it and at that I only had half an hour with Pug. I had to go to Maidenhead and expected to get a bus out to the hospital but found the bus didn't leave for an hour so I eventually found a taxi which was not too altogether ruinous. Then after getting there I had to leave in half an hour to catch the old bus or else spend the night there or walk back four miles through mud and weather. But I was very glad I went for Pug was looking very tired and blue and I think I cheered him up a bit. I am sorry now that I am going to Yorkshire for Christmas for he looked rather lonesome at the thought that I couldn't spend it with him. However I think I'll go out with some Christmas cheer on the Sunday before and then go to Aunt Edie's for Christmas day and come back as soon as I possibly can, for the New Year at any rate. It would upset Aunt Edie so completely to put her off at this date.

I don't like these chest wounds at all but everyone tells me that it is always a long tedious affair and that he may be months before he shows much sign of improvement. It is really going on quite satisfactorily so the sister said but I rather expected to find him up. He has been out in a chair occasionally and of course that will do him worlds of good when the weather improves. The hospital is a beautiful place and must be an ideal spot in summer. Yesterday we V.A.D.'s had quite a new experience in having the honour of forming a body guard for Queen Alexandra when she came to visit St. Dunstan's. It was very thrilling and we stood to attention and felt wonderfully proud of ourselves as she passed along. Then a little farther on in the procession cam Sir Robert Borden and I was so taken by surprise and pleased that I almost said 'hello'. He saw it in my face anyway for he smiled very graciously. I never expected to be hob nobbing with royalty like this. Later Sir Robert gave an address to all the Canadians. He is quite inclined to be very lenient with the blind men and they will likely have homesteads given to them without the obligation of doing homestead duties. He spoke very nicely and appeared to be greatly moved when he spoke of what they had done.

Don't be worried about Pug dear heart - I'm afraid I don't give very encouraging reports but he is really going on alright only it is so very slow. Alice you know can't come just now for there is a new baby expected at any time and so I am the only one who can do anything for him. I only wish he was still at Hampstead so I could go oftener. All love my darling heart from your little pal Alice Leighton.

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