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Date: December 10th 1918

Dec. 10. 18

Dearest Arfa:

Another [?] dull day is just about over. It has poured from the time I wakened without even thinking of ceasing. Truly the English climate in winter time is the limit. It succeeds very well indeed in making up for it in the summer.

That is enough grousing for this time I hear you say so I'll be cheerful again.

I am going out to Tapham to see Pug tomorrow. Aunt Edie went last week while she was down and has jumbled me up completely about trains and buses and things but I am trying to forget all she told me so I may have a chance of finding him. It was very nice of him to say all those sweet things about me and very nice of you too to pass the letter on for me to read. I think he did like to see me for it must be pretty lonely in a hospital full of strangers. He seems to be enjoying the hospital he is in now.

We have just got the group of VADs which was taken last week - it is really excellent and your humble servant came out very well. Would you like to have one or would it only be surplus kit. Speaking of surplus kit, yours arrived safely and another girl and I spent hours struggling to get that pistol out of your boot and then hours again putting it back for we decided it was the best place to keep it. It is a very beautiful souvenir. I think all the things have arrived safely - all the parcels you mentioned anyway. Now I must get to work again dearest. All love and hugs and kisses from

Your little pal Alice Leighton