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Date: November 28th 1918

Nov. 28, '18

My darling:

We have all had our photographs taken today, a group of VAD's and there was much hilarity and nonsense and at the most crucial moment our [?] VAD burst out laughing and disturbed the equanimity of us all. However I hope they turn out alright and you will see one sometime. Myself in uniform hasn't materialized yet but you may expect it almost any day.

Did you by any chance have a chat with the Prince of Wales when you saw him in Valenciennes. Mrs. Logan writes that her Harry did when the [?] visited the batt once and I'm hoping you did too.

I like your surprise at my giving 10/ to a taxi man! If you only realized the relief it was to get those six helpless men into something that would bring them safely home!! It's a wonder I didn't give them all that was in my purse. All the same perhaps I am getting on [?] mostly I regard taxi drivers as arch enemies. However there are some good ones and perhaps now a days they will improve. It is surprising what a change there is in the shops already.

I think I told you about a new friend of mine, a Mrs. Brook, wife of a doctor in Boulogne at present. They think of coming out to Canada in the dim and distant future and are interested in everything and everybody Canadian. She has invited me to her sister's home in Yorkshire for the holidays and I think I shall go for a few days and then spend the rest of the time with Aunt Edie. Aunt Edie by the way is coming to London this week and I am to be lunched and theatred if I can get off. Pug writes today that he has been moved to [?] - a good thing too I think as he pined for country air. All love and kisses my darling and I'm glad you are having such a good time.

Your little pal Alice Leighton