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Date: November 21st 1918

Nov 21. 18

Dearest Heart:

Your parcel of maps and pictures has just arrived and it was so sweet of you dearie to add the chocolates. They were such a surprise as I was looking over the maps. Johnny, Gordie, Jane and Betty send their best love for their share in the feast. I am moving my quarters today and will have just one companion in future which will be a consolation for we have been rather [thrutched?] up, not to speak of the creases in our clothes. I have ordered a new coat and skirt to have when you come on leave or I meet you in France. May it be soon! I wonder how long this trip to Germany will keep you. I have given you up for Christmas and think I will be going to Yorkshire, not altogether for Aunt Edie's sake but she invited me and I was wondering what to do when a girl here, a Mrs. Brookes a doctor's wife asked me to go to her sister's with her. They live in Yorkshire not far from Wakefield and apparently have mothered most of the Canadian Flying Corps. We "clicked" at once and she insists that I go there for Christmas and as I could combine it with Aunt Edie's I think I shall. Mrs. Brookes sister has much means and finds life dull without a lot of visitors so she is prepared to welcome this Canadian with open arms. Dr. and Mrs. Brook expect to come to Canada "apres la guerre". It is hard to realize it is now �apres'. What do you think of the plan dearie. I could go to them for a week and then to Aunt Edie and so kill two birds with one stone so to speak. Be sure to tell me what you think of it. Don't get the flu dearest. I hear it is rather bad again. All my love and kisses dearie heart to keep you well and happy.

Your little pal Alice Leighton