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Date: March 10th 1917

2, Linnell Close
Hampstead Way, N.W. 4
Saturday. Mar. 10. '17

Dearest Arfa:

There has been no letter for two days and I don't even know how that game of bridge came off. There will probably be a handful of letters for me to-night. I am hoping you are in rest billets now, are you?

There was rather a flutter caused for a while by reports that Canadian women were all to be sent back to Canada but nothing materialized and now women and children aren't allowed to go at any price till this submarine warfare is somewhat reduced. No more Canadian women are to be allowed over except under the most vital circumstances. I would very gladly go back if you were coming too dearie but I shouldn't be a bit content to go without you unless the food problem becomes very acute. Then I suppose our patriotism would have to uphold us.

If you get two Punchs this week don't be worried about me. I wrapped one up, put a stamp on, and put it down to do something else and I am almost sure it was posted without an address. I can't be quite certain but I'm sending another anyway for it is a particularly good one this week and I don't want you to miss it.

Was that raid or "minor operation" as Canada calls it where so many of our Brigade went down, not so successful as it might have been? The accounts sound as if we lost as much as we gained. I suppose it is almost impossible for you to tell me much about it but I am wondering who scored. 1:30. A dear little letter has just come this minute - written on the 8th, almost a record in time - but it is the first since the 3rd so there must be others on the way. I'm glad you're having a rest - it sounds a very short one. Is your knee quite better dearie. All my love to keep you warm in your cold billets. Your little pal, Alice Leighton