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Date: March 3rd 1917

2 Linnell Close
Golder's Green N.W.
Saturday. Mar. 3. '17
Dearest Arfa:

I'm sending some envelopes and just a little billet doux. I'm sorry the M.D. you saw doesn't know your knee better. It would be rather difficult to suggest to him that you should go into hospital but at the same time I know it won't be better till you do give it a thorough rest. Why don't you see Dr. Herald - he would take a more intelligent interest in it. I can understand so well how you feel about taking life easy when the others [?] so busy around you. But you must do it dearie - it won't get better till you do.

Peter has recovered as quickly as he took ill and it isn't german measles after all so I needn't be afraid of sending it on to you.

Surely you will be going back into the new billets pretty soon - it seems ages and ages since all these raids and things started. I do hope it will be soon for it seems to have been a strenuous time. Your part of the line has been mentioned in the papers nearly every day during the last month.

I loved your dear letter, my pal, that you call a sermon. I wanted to know all your ideas about such things and I treasure every word of it. All my love and kisses darling one to make you happy. Your little pal, Alice Leighton