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Date: January 10th 1917

675928 G. Co.
6th Reserve Batt.
1st Brigade
East Sandling Camp
My Own Darling Wifey,

I cannot express how pleased I was to receive you welcome letter & how eagerly I read the contents, I knew as soon as I started to read it everything was all right. Oh! my darling I could almost scold you for giving me such a fright you see dearest I was right you were in too big a hurry, eh! dear. I could have staked my life on the fact that you were all right, but dearest I know how you feel on edge the whole time, but dearest you forget that hubby is very careful of his dear one. I have been so quiet that Freddy could'nt understand what was wrong until I received this letter & I nearly went off my head. I told Freddy I'd had good news from home.

Now my own love I want to tell you all about what I have been doing this week & how very much Freddy & I enjoyed our goodies. You see dear, we, along with about 48 more, were picked out to take a course this week, in trench digging & bombing, well we had to go up on a big hill about a mile form here & stay all day, & that meant we'd to take our dinner & all we got was a chunk of bully beef & a hunk of dry bread, so I buttered some scones & cut up the pie & Freddy & I got a good dinner which we sure did enjoy, & the underwear sure did come in fine as it was so wet & cold & the wind blew something fierce. Oh! Kitty my love I thanked you a thousands times for sending me that good parcel. We had to go up in the snow & rain & the mud was over the tops of our shoes & we had to dig trenches & I was clay & mud from head to foot & my feet were wet & I was cold, my! it has been one awful week. Last night we had to go up from 6pm till 12 pm & that finished our trenching & today we started bombing, but [?] to the rain we just got a lecture in our own hut which was better.

Now darling don't think I am neglecting you dearest if you don't get another letter till Monday, as this is my last penney I am using for this & we dont get paid till Monday. You see after going home at Xmas I only had about 3 £ left & I bought Ma that broach which left me nearly stoney.

When I was up in the trenches last night I happened to be working next to Jimmy Mayer & I told him about that fellow jumping on to Maggie & he said he wished he'd been there, & then we got talking about Maggie & he asked me if it was right that Maggie was married, he said he was invited to Sweatmans for supper one night (after you had left Tillsonburg) & Mary started to roast him about it & eventually it came out that Alice, the last time she was home made a point of her business to find out all about Maggie & you darling, & then as soon as Mary left us, she tells her all about it & Jimmy could even tell me Maggie's husbands name (which is more than I knew). Jimmy then turned on them & told them what he thought of them & said why couldnt they have told him that last winter instead of waiting until they were on the outs with Maggie & he told them it was more reason why she should be befriended & that he didn't think any the less of her for it as he was sure it was not her fault. He seems to think about as much of Mary & Alice as he does my foot & he told me some things about Alice's doings before she was Married, that I would not care for anyone to say about me, but dear this is enough of scandel, although I just thought I must tell you what a bright pair of friends Mary & Alice were.

Now dearest I have not heard anything more of my transfer, they are not granting any, all I can do is to fix the doctor next medical board & I'll stay her alright, just leave that to me love. Poor Maggie must have had a fright, I wish I'd been there I'd have choked him. Fancy them fellows nursing the dear babe, but then sweetheart anyone would take to her she's such a dear.

Well my loved one I must close now as I have told you about all, if you write mother dear tell her I'll write next week as soon as I get paid. Give my love to Mother & Dad & Maggie & kiss Sonny for Uncle Jack & accept bestest love & kisses to your dear, dear self & my little darling & I'll write you next week & fake a telegram to me that you can send so I can come up & see you my darling next week end, Goodbye & God Bless You.

I am ever
Your own devoted hubby

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