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Date: September 29th 1915

Pte. G. Broome no 440955
A Coy. 32nd Battn.
Risboro Barracks
Sept 29/15

Dear Mother

Just a line to let you know I am still safe and sound.

I hear from Grandpa and Uncle quite frequently. They both want me to go to London soon and I think I will go next week.

I received a letter from Mr. Mortimer yesterday. He sent it before he new we had left Sewell and it has been forwarded from there. I was a nice letter. He said he missed me at the Bible Class and bank.

We have had nice weather here till today and its raining cats & dogs. We are fixed up alright though. We are in huts. About 30 men live in each hut and have their beds and tables and chairs and crockery. The food is brought from the cook house and we eat right in our huts. They are pretty big although the name makes one think they are small.

I believe I told you that we are near Folkstone. We go there nearly every night. I am learning to roller skate. It is great fun although kind of rough for a learner.

I see by the papers that the Allies are advancing again. The Russians advanced 40 miles yesterday and the British & French are going forward more slowly but surely. I guess that is Lloyd George's work in getting ammunition.

Gee but the price of things around here is fierce. They charge as much as in Canada.

Elsie Fisher is still going to school at Kilbourn. Uncle says neither he or Grandpa know where Harry Fry is.

Well I will [?] Goodbye now. give my love to Father and the kids. I suppose I will soon get a letter from you. It seems an age since I heard from anyone in Canada. Goodbye with lots of love to all with love from

Your loving Son
George Broome


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