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Date: June 29th 1918

June 29
Forgot to post up the diary till now. Will carry on from June 1st. Took in Boulogne and returned to billet at about 8.00pm. Returned early and nothing eventful happened until Reveille at 7.00am. Left rest billet at 10.30 & proceeded to wharf where we embarked almost immediately. Arrived in Folkestone about 1.00pm & entrained at wharf arriving in London about three pm. Went to Maple Leaf [2 pages missing] terror was not over yet however as I had to scare Uncle Arthur & Marjorie & Aunt June, all of which I accomplished without fatal results. Had one good time at Aunt Flo's from June 4 to June 11 when I transferred my presence to Uncle Will. Had very good time there & on Saturday am 13th, I reluctantly kissed them all good bye & departed for London town. Bummed around the M. L. Club until 7.00am June 16th and then entrained at Victoria. Got into Folkestone at 12.00 or so and were held there until 4.00pm when we embarked. On arrival at Boulogne we were marched up a helluva hill to another rest camp & were sorted & resorted & sorted again until 8.00 or 9.00 o'clock when I sneaked off to a vacant tent and went to sleep without blankets or anything. At about 11.00am I was awakened by guns and had to get up and go into trench about ~ mile away. I stayed there for ten minutes but as there were no bombs dropping slipped back to the tent and died till 5.30 when Reveille woke me up. We paraded at 7.00am and after laying around until 10.00 or more we were marched down to the station & hopped on a troop train which crawled to Etaples. After another two hours of sorting we (our party) were sent to the Passenger Depot to get to the Crovy[?] train. Train time 9.50 so we had a long wait. Went to Paris Plage and interviewed a few WAACS & American nurses. Finally arrived "home" at about 11.00pm. As luck would have it Mayon [?] immediately applied for leave to Paris and got 10 days so I have to carryon for him. Trust and believe if I'm working when he gets back on the 1st, I'm going to take a few days myself and get away to Abbevile or up to Can. Corps. Oh, Cheerio for another 12 months of this bally country.