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Date: August 31st 1917

Aug. 31
Fred Harris and I left at 10.30 pm for a trip in the lorries which were going to take Labour Party to upbound train. Full moon and beautiful night, everything showing up clear as crystal. After many delays landed party at destination - Standard gauge rlwy. near canal bank around Breding. Had to wait until party unloaded train. While waiting, officer came running along road with revolver in hand and asked us if we has seen German officer. Explained that German machine had been shot down a short distance away and one of the occupants escaped and was last seen heading for small wood with revolver in hand. After consultation S/Sgt. Coury, Sgt. Hooper, 3 drivers and myself decided to search for him in the hopes of receiving reward (month in Blighty, 30 pounds). Searched wood & old dugouts without success. Examined aeroplane carefully but unable to get any souvenirs a/c numerous officers.