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Date: July 3rd 1917

July 3
"Zero Day" At last the long expected Z day has arrived. At 2.00am we arose and about 3.30am moved off by Motor Truck for Pioneer. Got stalled in our ammunition column and while crawling along the road at a squirrel's pace, the guns opened up. They all barked at once but owing to the wind the noise was not as great as expected. It was a magnificent sight and the whole skyline was one mass of flashes. Laid up at Pioneer till about 7.00 when we left on L.R. flat car train for Zellerbeker. After a rough trip finally arrived at end of steel. Walked by the lake and into batteries of F. Artillery. Our objective. Advanced Field H.Q. about ½ mile distant and after two attempts to get there we gave it up and put in the day in a dugout. Left for Pioneer again at 4.30 and walked in charge of 18 men, Mr. Blackmore having remained behind. While proceeding on train we were held up in B Battery position and shells landed very close. Saw tanks. Prisoners galore and lots of excitement.