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Date: February 10th 1916

Victoria B.C.

Feb. 10, 1916

Dear Keith

This is to wish you very many happy returns of the day - pom! - pom! - tee! - hee!

Well old top you can see by the address that I am paying Helen a visit. I landed in Victoria last night at 6.15 oc. I hadn't the slightest idea in the world where cook St. was or how the deuce to get there as all the cars were laid up with the snow. However I set out and after walking about six blocks I ran across a policeman. This worthy gentleman informed me on having asked that cook street was five or six blocks along a street he pointed out. Well after ploughing along for six blocks I came to the street all right. I then set to work to find the seven - hundred block. Well after looking at the numbers on the houses I figured out that 705 must be six blocks away. I therefore set out for it. every hobo, chink, or man I came across I asked where 705 was so that after half an hours work I arrived there and going up to the front door rung the bell. Helen came to the door and when she saw who it was let out a squawk and almost had a fit.

So you see how I found my "deshtinashum." I am having a fine time however. I phoned up Aunt Florrie and had some fun with her by disguising my voice. I got her going so well, that becoming afraid she would get mad and hang up the phone, I told her who I was. Helen and I are going to pay her a visit this afternoon.

But believe me kiddoo if you want excitement just try to find a strange house in a strange city

Your loving brother


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