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Date: April 18th 1916

Aunt Agnes.

April 18. 1916

Dear Mom.

Don't be surprised at me if I dont send home my monthly bank roll. I have to get my teeth fixed and it will cost me seventeen dollars.

I joined the Y.M.C.A. today and enjoyed a long swim accordingly. What surprised me most was to see about twenty prosperous business men pouring in perspiration as the result of a system of exercises they were under-going as I watched. There was gray-haired old gentleman who looked about sixty. He was prespiring like the deuce and seemed to enjoy it - the old beggar.

I am writing this epistle at Aunt Agneses.

We go for a route march almost every-day. I would not mind the training if I thought it might help us get to the front. When you stop and think of the cry fore more men - more men, when a rotten lot of grafters keep men at home who are only to eager and anxious to do their share - these men by the way committing this sin for the sake of a few fifty hits of money - it is enough to drive those men to rank mutiny. If I could only transfer with the hopes of a rise I would like to do so tomorrow. It is not much use transferring however if I cant step to something higher. Id like to try for a commission, but would rather wait till I had been under fire some time.

P.S. Give my love to Dad and the rest

Your loving son


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