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Date: July 8th 1915

July 8th 1915
Pte J Davey
8 Company
7th Can Batt

My Dearest Kate

I am sorry that I have not written to you before this, but the writing paper was short & I couldn't get any for some time. I have not heard from you yet but I am looking forward to a whole bunch of letters together when they do come. There is very little Canadian mail come through yet. One of the boys got a parcel which went through the "Bend letter Office" I think that's where your must have gone but I am hoping to hear from you soon as its well over two months since I got your last letter so you can guess how welcome a letter would be just now. I am still sending your letters & cards on to Bee's I suppose you are still with then & if not I guess you get them as soon as possible. Did you get any letter returned from the Regt? I had a letter from Harry the other day, he said they had heard from you also received paper cutting with something about me in it. I should like to know what the papers had to say about us. Mother had a surprise the other day in the shape of a money order for 8/- from one of the boy's in my crowd so its evident we weren't all wiped out at least our escaped. It was very good of him to think of sending the money I had lent him on to Mother. Well dear how are you getting along this long time I hope you have a good job & not too hard work & that you are enjoying the best of health. I am pleased to say that I am on the road to recovery unless any thing wrong happens. I have not been in half the pain since having my leg off as before. They told me that my leg below the knee was shattered all to pieces & I quite believe it because where my leg twitches I can feel the bones grating together. Its rather funny at times fellows come & sit on my bed & I nearly always tell them to mined my leg it actually feels as if its still there. I guess I'll get over that after a while. We have had some very heavy thunder & rainstorms here lattly which has stopped our going out in the open. Its a week since I was out last. Well dear I am about dried up now anyhow there is not much room for any more news. Please remember me to Bee & Will [?] & Jim Alice & Billy [?] Shelton & family & everyone else who inquires after me & Heaps of love & tons of kisses for yourself hoping to hear from you soonXXXXXX
XXXXXXX Your Ever loving XXXX

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