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Date: January 13th 1917



Jan'y 13th 1917

My Darling Jack

Your letter of the 7th arrived yesterday. I was so pleased to hear that you had had the first fitting of your leg & I am anxious to hear how they are getting along with it. There's no letter to-day, so I shall be sure to get one on Monday. Well honey, I didn't go to work after all, have been waiting for Taylor's to send for me, by I guess they are keeping the girl they had, though they said she wasn't much good, as she's never been used to anything but Telephone work. I must confess I am a wee bit disappointed, as I'd been looking forward to it. Not that I'm tired of being here at all, but it seems so lazy to be hanging about so long doing nothing. Jim teases me & says you will not be back before the end of February, but I think you will be back three weeks from now if all goes well. I hope so anyway! Am glad you had another Turkey dinner sweetheart, but I'm afraid its all these rich meals that are causing the boils to break out. I hope they are better by now as they are so weakening to the constitution. Try doing without meat for a little while dear, but don't starve yourself. The kiddies are playing with the Tinkertoy & Mollie asked George yesterday what you would have when you came back & he said some "sloppy-sloppy" with Auntie Kate. When he kisses his Daddy we always say "sloppy-sloppy" so you see what he means don't you? We had to laugh because we expected he'd say you'd have a new leg. You may be interested to hear that Jimmie has taken to calling me Katie Davey - sounds rather cute don't you think? I shall miss these youngsters when I get back to Victoria Jimmie has quite made up his mind that he's going back there with us. I've already invited Mollie & both youngsters up to Vic for all next summer & Jim is to come up for Xmas & then all go back together. What do you think of the proposition honeybunch? I would like Mollie to have a real nice holiday & put on a little flesh, she looks so thin & pale to me, but perhaps in a year or two they'll be able to come up to Victoria. The boys would love the sea too. Now darling I must close with tons of love & heaps of "sloppy-slopps" I remain XXX Your Own Loving Kitty XXX

P.S. When we were talking about Mollie & the kiddies coming to Vic next summer, Jim says "you don't think Mr Newlywed will want a bunch like you in the house do you?" He says "wait until they start calling one another fatheads & jackanapes etc." I hope it won't ever come to that dearie. I don't like to be called names so I give you "fair warnin'"

Now darling more love & kisses
from Your Loving Kitty

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