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Date: April 7th 1944

April 7/44

Dear Marilyn

I received your airgraph a few days ago. It had been at my previous station in Scotland for a few weeks so it took quite a while to get here. I got a letter from mother and Austin today, and Aunt Ednas parcel a few days ago. It was lovely and am writing her after this. I have quite a few letters to answer-Marion L., who seems to like married life o.k., Betty C. and Grandmas, besides quite a few others.

Am so glad to hear that the hatchery is doing so well and that you are finishing the house. I bet it will really look swell when all the finishing touches have been put on. Mother was asking what she should send me in her parcels and I believe honey and tomato juice would be enjoyed most as I haven't seen other over here. They seem to have a good supply of jam as we get it every morning.

My W.O.P., Stew, and myself have just returned from Birmingham where we had a wonderfull 48. The first day there we went skating and had to use figure skates so that was all we could get. All the people that skate there are regular Sonja Henies at the job so what a time we had. The next day we were out looking over the city and met a young lady who invited us up for tea. We had a lovely time at her place but had to leave that night.

We are night flying now and we like it very much as we get special rations - a chocolate and gum ration before going up on the flys but the payoff comes when we return when we get bacon, an egg, and chips and of course tea, which really hits the spot. I'm busy with the sextant again "shooting" away at heavenly bodies (and I don't mean Lana Turner's). Our crew is trying hard to get posted to the Middle East were most navigation is done by the stars.

I was glad to hear that you were writing Judy. I had a letter from her a few days ago and they certainly want us to return, which I'll be doing on our next long leave. It has been exceptionally wet here the past few days and I have another lovely cold. Its very miserable as I am continually coughing. I'm seeing the M.O. about it tomorrow or I won't be able to fly if it gets any worse.

Well Marilyn Stew tells me its time to go to the hangars so will say goodbye for now. Love to everyone.


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