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Date: November 9th 1943

Tues. Nov 9/43

Dear Dad,

I just received your letter and was really glad to get it. I just came back from a week's leave and as I have just written Mother all the news there is not much to say as you will be exchanging my letters.

We are living a very easy life here, and will probably till Xmas. Walt and I are still together and hope to be all through. We go to classes and learn what we have forgotten and a little bit more on the side. As there isn't much to it we come and go when we feel like it. There is a very nice pool here so we do a lot of swimming. We had dingy drill the other day - had to get in the water with our flying suits on and learn how to get in a dinghy and what not. We also go to a lot of shows. In one it showed a bunch of troops disembarking and I saw myself. You might probably see it over there sometime.

We have also go in the habit of having tea every afternoon. It's really the custom here. What I really miss is the steaks and fried chicken. There is hardly a day that I don't see somebody that I knew over there. I met Comber yesterday-he was the guy who had the pup in Saskatoon and went down East. He also washed out and is a Sgt. Bomber. I bought enough cigs on the boat to last me till Xmas. It takes about 6 weeks for them to get over here if you send them through the tobacco co. Did mother receive the $5 I sent her from the States? I suppose you heard all my adventures down there.

Out of news for now. Will write soon.

All my love,

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