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Wed. afternoon

Dear Dad,

This is really the worst hole I've struck yet. It seems as if everything is more or less wrong with it. The accommodations are exceptionally poor in everything. We are all in one big building which used to be a stable. Our bunks, toilets, wash basins etc. are all in one big room. There is the drill floor and all the other kinds of rooms you would expect to find also in the same building. The only time you breathe fresh air is when outside. The mess hall is upstairs-and its really a mess. Its run by a civilian and we can rarely guess what some of the concoctions are they cook up.

Outside of this we have a very easy life. All we have is a couple of roll calls a day. We mostly read or else play at some sports. You notice I say we as there are 150 other washouts with me or vice versa. They come from the whole commonwealth and consist of every branch of aircrew. Most of them have been pilots and have got the axe on some silly excuse like mine. I have met a few of my chums that I knew in Edmonton s that makes things a bit pleasanter. Were all hoping for a posting out of here as soon as possible. I have talked to some of the "blokes" from England and they say that it is polluted with pilots and most of them have not seen a plane for 5 or 6 months after getting over there.

This morning we were at a school in which the Air Force ahs a room I happened to see David Venables but he didn't recognize me when I spoke to him so I let it go at that. I have been out with Kayo a couple of times and he can really sling the bull now. We met Joe Ruddell & his wife on the street. He is a 2nd Leiutenant and is going to some school here.

It seems as if this town consists of airmen and soldiers. The people don't like us very well as the soldiers have raised hell with the women - which there is a scarcity of. There are 600 Canadian paratroopers that have just come up from the States. They are out at Camp Shilo which is just a few miles out.

I believe were getting a 96 this weekend but it wont do me any good as I'm flat broke. I wrote and asked Mother for five bucks as I wont be getting any more till the end of the month.

I had a very nice letter from Tom case and also Wayne Maynes. I answered Toms and intended to send it on to you but have lost it.

Well dad that seems to be the end of the news for now. I'm going to lay down and have a snooze till supper.


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