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Date: December 26th 1916

Central Military Convalescent Hospital
College Street
Dec 26, 1916

My Own Darling Kitty

Many thanks for letter & card with Christmas wishes which I received today. I also got Mollie's card and letter this morning, and a letter from Jack Hibberd, which was sent on from Victoria. Please thank Mollie & Jim for the card and seasons greetings for me dear. I was glad to know that you were still keeping well & hope this will find you the same. It must be cold out there now, be sure & keep yourself well wrapped up when you go out darling and not get your dear little nose frozen, as that would be an awful catastrophe. Its not so cold down here but we had quite a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. Its quite a novelty to see a real white Christmas, this is the first I have seen for years. Yesterday was a lovely day. I went out about eleven oclock & spent the rest of the day until almost midnight. On the whole I had a good time but not so good as I had hopes of before I knew anything about coming down here. I hope next year wont be such a disappointment for us sweetheart. Surely this rotten luck of being separated at Christmas cant go on for ever Yes dear: its just as well not to send anything in the way of a present to me here because as you say I shall only have to pack it back again and I shall have more to take back then I brought down as it is. When we get back to Victoria will do for that. I think the card you sent me is very nice honey and I notice we each chose cards for the other with the same words. A bit of telepathy about that don't you think so dear? Jack Hibberd wishes to be remembered to you honey & sends best wishes for the season He is still keeping well & is back from the line on a staff job, for which he is very glad as he say's he ahs a real bed to sleep on every night which he prefers to a draughty & lousey old barn. Well darling one week has passed since I was measured for my leg. I wish I could say that I was to have it by the new year so as to be able to start the year on both feet again. It will soon be two years since I walked like a human being. It seems a long time to talk about it, but I can picture those fields & imagine I can see the exact spot where I fell as though it only happened yesterday I guess it will be a long day before I forget it. I feel that I owe Kaiser Bill a debt of gratitude for bringing you and I together in the way that he has. Because at the time war broke out I had a feeling that I would never be in a position to ask you to be my wife so there is a good and bad in war as in all other things isn't there dear? But I hope all the dark days are behind us now sweetheart and that we just have to be happy & live long to make up for it all and I feel sure that you will contribute your share towards it. Wishing you all Joy and Happiness in the coming year & hoping that this will be the last Christmas that we shall be separated and that all future ones will beat any in the past for happiness for both of us tons of love & millions of kisses XXXXXXX

Your Ever Loving

A good long lingering kiss to start the New Year

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Original Scans