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Date: December 8th 1914

Dec 8th 1914
16880 F Coy
1st BC Rept
2 Brigade
Can Exped Force
Lark Hill Camp
Salisbury Plain

My Dearest Kate

Please excuse pencil but the fountain pen is gone wrong again as you will see by the above. I am pleased to say I am feeling a little better tonight a little but my head ached pretty bad while I was on parade. It seems as though the cold air effects it because after I have been in the warm a little it passes off. I was had up before OC today for overstaying my leave but was admonished & had to forfeit the pay for 4 days that I overstayed. I am going to try and get that altered as I had a doctors certificate sent to the Commanding Officer but he is away on leave & I guess he has but the letter away & of course the Major only had my word for it but I think I ca fix it alright when the Colonel comes back There is no crime recorded against me but I dont like losing the money when I have done nothing wrong Well Dear we are fairly comfortable here now although the boards are pretty hard yet but I guess we shall get used to it in time anyhow we are much warmer here & have a chance of drying our clothes when we get wet I was glad to hear you had a good time at the Whist Drive & dance but sorry you couldn't sleep after I guess you were tired on the Friday but I hope you have got over that long before now It was too bad that you weren't even able to win the booby prize but thats you usual luck at the whist drives No Dear I didn't go to London for the opening of Parliament as there was only one man from each company sent & they were all Canadian born It was a [?] sent from our company. Sorry to hear Billy has had his wages cut down but thats better than being out of work altogether. Business must be pretty bad in Victoria alright I had a letter from Mr Ault he said the firm he works for are going to close down altogether this winter He has worked for them quite a while & kept on wen all the others were laid off so I suppose he will be idle now I hear that the Dominion Trust Co are gone under Mr Ault said he had just $35 in it Thats the Company Audy used to do his business with I hope he was lucky enough to get his all out before the smash came I am not quite sure Dear if I sent any more letters to the Gen Delivery before leaving Canada after that one with the badge in That couldnt have been very long before we left but I know I wrote again before leaving but couldn't be sure how many times. I think the reason you didn't get my reply saying I received the horseshoe was because it wasn't delivered until I had been in Camp for a few days & then I got the letters that were sent first, last I hope you have been getting yours more regular now. Yes Dear we enjoyed our band concert fine lots of the other tents had a band going the next night I am sorry to hear you have had such rough weather in Victoria They had some very rough weather in Camp while I was away Lots of the tents blew down & the rain was so heavy that it drove right through the tents that were standing so they weren't much better off. I couldn't go hunting on the Wednesday at home as it came on too wet. They didn't have a very long run They killed at New Bridge a little farther down the river about [?] oclock The meet was at 10 am & they had to turn the stag out after that so it wasn't a very long run for it I think you have a view of New Bridge with that bunch I sent you I hope you got them alright at the Gen Delivery Yes Dear I have kept fine & warm up to now although they told me Sunday night was very cold in the huts IT was a very sharp frost that night & the floor of the huts are about 2 feet from the ground & its hollow underneath so the wind blows in under & keeps it cold as we have to sleep right on the floor & that night they hadn't got enough coal to keep the fire going. Yesterday we swiped about three cut[?] of coke & coal so we have a good supply for a few days. The huts are built of corrugated iron & lined with building paper one stove in the centre & 40 men in each hut. We have a lot more room for our stuff here than in the tents as we have shelves all around & nails to hang our stuff on & there's no fear of it getting wet now & we are much nearer the station now They tell me its only half an hours walk to the station from here. We are about 15 minutes walk from Stonehenge. I saw it today whilst on parade. Of course its nothing to see I can't see what people pay a shilling to go in around there when they can see just as much outside. I saw it last time I camped on the plain 4 years ago Well Darling I think this is about all I have to say now so will close with heaps of love & tons of kisses

Your Every Loving

Please remember me to Bee & Will Necia & Jim Alice & Billy Mrs Skelton & all the family I hope Leo is able to hold his job down during these hard times Is he still doing hard training in the House Guard
Bye Bye

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