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Date: January 7th 1917
Amos William

[missing first page of letter]

About socks dear, when you have sent those you have on hand I would not bother about anymore for a while, I have all those I brought with me yet in good condition. I am keeping them darned. Yes I think you are wise in regard to Gunns, you can still be friendly with them & get independent of them, we don't want our kiddies to be an annoyance to anyone & we won't have anyone running on them. I suppose they are (my girlie and boy) having lots of fun with their sleigh these days, it looks now as thought it is going to be a fight to a finish & perhaps it is better to have it that way though one shudders to think of the sacrifice yet to be made. I suppose by the time you receive this your Mother will have returned home, it has been nice for you to have her with you - I am afraid however that you will be overdoing yourself having Mother there for so long - you know dear you must think of yourself a little. I am hoping that Mother will soon be better for Hal & the children's sake as well as her own. Its too bad about Judy but we cannot do anything, its up to them. Was interested in hearing of your Xmas doings you had a busy time dear, as you will have heard of now, I spent a good part of my Xmas day travelling. Let me know how Billy likes his tools & what he is doing with them. I look forward so much to your letters, they are the only ones I receive from Canada, & perhaps its as well, for it means more time to write to you dear.

Will say good-bye for now. Remember me to Mother & the Gunns. Kisses hugs & fondest love for yourself & the dear kiddies. God bless & keep you dear

Your loving husband

P.S. I sent a photo in last letter, the chap sitting me is [?] the one standing be hind me is McLeod & the other [?] is Major Mason.

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