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Date: July 13th 1918
Charles Willoughby


July 13/1918.

My Dear Mother: -

Your letter of June 10th and Lorenes of June 14th arrived a couple of days ago. - The first I had had for a couple of weeks so you can imagine I was mighty pleased to get them. - Our month to come is certainly not showing a great deal of speed.

By now Lorene will have finished her exams and I am sure she finds it a great relief. According to her programme I can see where she will have a good summer ahead of her. She certanily deserves it anyway.

Was interested to see the clipping about Harry Hessian. I wonder how he worked it to get back home. I still thought he was with the 58th and was going to look him up about a month ago. of course I expect he will still have to stay in uniform while home.

By the time this reaches you Maryon will probably be over and I am sure you people will show her the time of her life. I wouldn't mind being there to help you out on the job but I think you are more than capable yourselves.

The American mail haven't been as good as usual the last week or two but then they will rectify themselves shortly. Then Maryon's last week at school was certainly a busy one for her so the gap seems doubly large because of that.

Was sorry to hear about Jim. I hope he has been able to pull around alright. - He certainly has had his share of trouble with his side.

I have now completed my tour of ambulance duties and am again back at the transport lines for a few days. This place is absolutely grand. As quiet and peaceful as in England. So it certainly is a treat after the noisy elements further forward.

This Ambulance has been requested to send a delegate on a one weeks gas-course away back in the country some place. tomorrow. I have been chosen to do the trip and am mighty glad of the chance as it will be a good change and really another rest. Then by the time I come back we may be all going out on rest. So the trip comes in quite conveniently. - of course I haven't gone yet. We are some - what short of officers just now and it is really hard to spare a man at present. But then I really expect to go. - It should be back near my old Headquarters so I should see lots of the old crowd.

Have had a letter from Stewart a couple of days ago. He seems to be having a rather busy time of it. He said he had received Lorenes parcel and appreciates it very much. He was writing to her then so no doubt she has heard from him.

We have been having a fair amount of rain around here lately The first we have had for months. Even from the few heavy showers we have had there is considerable mud flying around So I can slightly imagine what it must have been last year when it rained continuously every day.

There really is very little excitement to write about today. I hope you people are having a real good summer of it. Things must be so much better with the car.