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Date: May 4th 1918
Lorene (Sister)
Charles Willoughby


Saturday May 4th 1918.

My Dear Lorene:

This afternoon we returned from delivering another load at the base. I had expected some Canadian mail as it was about ten days since I last had any but instead I got no less than six from Maryon, one from Mrs Frost and another from you. So you can easily understand I have spent most of the evening reading letters. Tomorrow there should be more for I expect there is one or two from mother somewhere on the way.

Didn't I make a lucky guess at the time it would take to get a letter home for Mothers birthday? but what a terrible time it took them to deliver the cable. I sent that cable on Apr..3rd and was afraid it would be home next day. but evidently I had no reason for my fears that way. The British telegraph people refused to handle it as the service to Canada was suspended So I got permission to send it through the French post office. To do this I was compelled to pay "express" rate for it meaning it should be delivered at once, but look at the result. For Maryon's birthday the service was also suspended and as the French service, I heard since, was very unsatisfactory I didn't think it was worth gambling full rate on. In another two weeks it will be your birthday I hope my judgment in regard to my letter has been as good as for mothers and also that I may find the telegraph communications again established satisfactorily. If you should be expecting a wire for that day and find that it didn't turn up, please dont be foolish and imagine all sorts of funny things that might be reasons for me not sending it. I only wish I could have let Maryon known I was "well" but it couldn't be done.

By now you will be on expert chauffeur and I am mighty glad to hear it. You will be able to enjoy life ever so much better and wont need to depend on father every place you want to go. It will also proove such a relaxation in the evening to take a short run befor getting back to study again. It will really proove a tremendous help I know. I am sorry I cant be along to see you taking your lessons too I could probably pick up a good many pointers myself at the same time.

Imagine Aunt McClaire being 88yrs old. somepeople seem to live forever. Is she still failing mentally as well as physically?

Dont you ever tell me there is no news in your letters. Mother always tells me the same tale. It may not sound interesting to you people but it surely does to me. even if it is only that there is a new yellow cat on the next street.

The house must look fine now that the decorations are finished. Have they done any thing about parlour curtains and fireplace yet? Certainly everything cannot be done at once and I think mother and Father have done remarkable. Dont you?

They talk about "Sunny" France but believe me you see the sun about once for every twenty time you do at home. They talk about Canada "the Lady of the Snows" but I would like to see the people who would want to move to the Sun-room for comfort on the 1st of April over here. April has been as cold as early March almost. Certainly as cold as late March. The last few days however have been grand.

I am certainly surprised at Jim but Lorene dont worry. You dont need to Men are funny individuals at times and I know are hard to understand but I am certain the little incident is all for the best.

Well Lorene I know you need to be had at work now and I do wish you the very best of luck. I will be thinking very much of you from June 24th to July 5. - Take good care of yourself. Dont over study but just take the car when you feel ‘fed up' and go for a nice long drive. It will do you more good than adding insult to injury by trying to study when you dont feel like it.

I know you people at home are quite satisfied that I am comfortable over here. My work does not, probably, mean much practical experience and becomes monotonous because of that. However I am perfectly satisfied to carry on and I think will be more than satisfied to return to Canada in December where I can settle down to real work again whether it be military or in the Old General.

Well Lorene I will now roll into bed. Tomorrow may bring me some of mothers letters. Be good to yourself especially so during the next two months. and above all persuade the people not to worry about me. There is absolutely no need to.