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Date: August 30th 1916
Amos William

Sunday 30th 5-30 p,m.
Camp Hughes

Dear Betty:-

We are having another hot spell only hotter than ever & this with the added work make it about as much as one can stand, the minute one is through with their duty, the first thing they want to do is a cold shower & then just lie down with as little on as possible - one comfort it can't last for long.

We commence our firing on the range this week, wonder how I shall make out, used to be a fairly good shot. We have heard nothing more about Harvest Furlough, though it seems to be an accepted fact that those who want to may go. Oh when I was on guard (Friday & Sat) one time Serg't Buchan was a prisoner among others in detention he had been sentenced to 14 days, with 7 days stoppage of pay for being absent without leave. Speaking about pay - I will see the paymaster here about it. You had better write Mr. Masterton about Patriotic.

Has Mrs. Riley come over with the cash yet. I hardly understood what you wrote in regards to Lena, what is the trouble - If I could fix or get someone to fix up the necessary papers, we might go there instead of Ruby's?

Received photo, it is not what you would call a good one we are all a pretty serious looking bunch, but I guess it will pass muster some day we will have a real nifty one taken. Is Thorey getting work now I suppose it will give you a little more cleaning up etc after her, if she is wise she will let her add run in the paper at least one week a month. You need not bother about any more socks for a while, these with the old ones I have will last some time, they are certainly comfortable & easy on the feet. Well how are the babies? have you been to the Park since? it is the height of their ambition to get on those merry-go-rounds we'll have to give them a run sometime. Speaking about babies, they all seem to be leaving us behind, both Lena & Ruby will end up with their ½ doz at least - my sister Bella has No. 2. You said you had lent some boards in your last letter, be sure that you get them back - its alright as long as they return them in good condition & not smothered with paste - that's the won't of leaving things outside people see that you have, how ever it will be nice to get your wood split. Well dear Betty good bye once more kiss the kiddies for me

best love


Betty xxxxxxx
Shirley xxxxxxx
Billy xxxxxxx

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Original Scans