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Date: June 4th 1916
Amos William

Corpl A.W. Mayse
222nd Batt. C.E.F.
Camp Hughes

My Dear Betty & Kiddies:-

Its about 11 am (standard time) & have just returned from church parade, we "fell in" about 8-30 & service began at 9 lasted about ½ hour, there were about 4000 men with ½ dozen brass bands, it was good but I cannot say that I enjoyed it as my thoughts were far distant, it is going to be hard enough to adapt myself to the change, of course it is always hardest on the start, & it will not be bad when one gets properly settled down & know where they are at.

The Emerson [?] - do not come down until Tuesday, I guess that I'll try & get along with Miles it is about the same everywhere & he will not have the same opportunity to act here as he has done in Emerson, it is only for a [?], at lest let us hope so, & I think after this added experience I'll be able to settle down a great deal better, &enjoy my little home however I shall have the satisfaction of knowing that I have done my bit.

We left W'n'p' C.P.R. at 9-30 a.m. & arrived in Camp at 1 p.m. we are only about 14 miles from Brandon but I shall not bother Brandon any as all the leave I can get will be spent at 859 Nassau. Everyone had been told to bring enough food to last the day out, & here I was without anything, but I did not fare badly as I met some men that I knew & they shared up. Well this is the life alright, I missed my soft-warm bed last night, but I'll get hardened in time again, it was very cold in the night quite a frost, it brings back old times, Reveille went at 5-30 & we had breakfast at 7, it was not too bad, but pretty rough etc, we had boiled pork (salt), & beans, bread - butter - coffee, I shall miss my clear tea, all the tea etc is made together & milk & sugar put in. My this is going to be an immense place when all the troops get here - but oh the sand nothing but sand etc.

I think it is very likely that we shall be here until about October & it may be we shall spend the Winter in the city (wouldn't that be fine?) you won't forget to write to Rev Findlay & remind him about the money. Well you will have had your first Sunday in the City hope you have not been lonesome did Shirley & Billy go to Sunday School, don't work to hard - you have all kinds of time to do things now & I come home for the week end which I hope to, you want to arrange it so that we can go out a little.

Well I guess I'll mail this, write as often as possible, & let me have something in the way of reading. Am pretty lonesome for you & the kiddies, but mustn't think about it. Hugs & kisses for them tell them I may be home Friday night sometime - though I cannot say for sure shall try my best however. [?] & get your water seen to. With best love & kisses to all

Yours affectionately
From Shirley xxxxxxx
Billy xxxxxxx OOOO

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