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Date: September 9th 1917
Mrs. Mayse
Lula Pocock

Emerson, Sept 9th, 1917

Dear Mrs Mayse:-

I am afraid you will think we have forgotten all about you, but not so we speak of you most every day. I intended to write you before, but I do not get much time for letter writing now. We are very sorry to hear that Mr Mayse has been severely wounded. But hope that he is on the mend before, this and that he will soon be able to be home with you again, and not have to go back to the front. He surely has sereved his part.

Just got nicely started when the two Tandy girls and Lila Lovering came along, when they went it was time to do the chores and get supper. After supper I did not go to church but gave both the children their bath they generaly do that Saturday evening but we were working out in the garden till nearly ten oclock last night, covering up the vegetables, but I am afraid most of it froze under the covers. We have a large garden again this year and it has kept us pretty busy as Father is working on the farm most every day. He bought a condemned farm this spring [?] Well another week has flowen and I have not had a chance to touch this and if I had it is not likely I could keep awake a minute. I have the awfulest time to keep awake long enough to do my mending I have to keep walking about with it. We have been pretty busy in the garden this summer as Father was out at the farm most of the time. He bought the farm after most of the farmer had their seeding all done. He did not put in very much this year only oats and barly, but tried to get in shape for next year. He is getting pretty old to start farming. Mr B. Johnstone sold four cars of wheat so he is in pretty good shape for this year.

We find the four children make quite a difference in our home. As they were not brought up to work and it is quite a task to get them to do much although they are doing a little better now. Gertie and Father find it very hard to stand the noise. Gertie suffers a great deal with headache. We still have two boarders, the two C.P. Operators, one sleeps during the day and it is pretty hard to keep quiet enough.

All four of the children go to school and are getting along pretty well. The youngest was seven the other day.

Mr & Mrs Phillips come over occasionly. I hardly ever go out except to Mission Circle. Mrs Prior is keeping up very well. Poor woman was so sure [?] would never come back . Oh say if this war would only cease. Would like to hear from you any time. Hoping you and the children are well. Lula Pocock

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