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Date: June 23rd 1939

Friday, June 23

Dear Maw -

Well, the days are slipping by and this years holiday will soon be over. We aren't exactly blessed with fine weather, but we had enough sunlight this a.m. to get our bedding out and aired. Also we put a board floor of sorts in the tent, which makes it very snug.

I was quite sick last night from eating too much candy, but am okay now. Had a lovely evening fishing - 5 fine trout, and things look good for the future.

Much excitement this morning - a snake got into the long grass under my bed, and we had quite a time beating it out. Also, when Dad climbed into his nest last night he slipped out quite briskly. Apparently about 40 large, crawlers, etc., had sheltered from the rains in his sheets. He had to take his bed apart and shoo em all out! We had to move camp owing to the bridge-building [?] in the little park. Too bad to see the fine old maples and alders coming down.

We are very snug here, though, as the bridge crew [?] picked up one of the roofed shelters and carried it across for us to our new place. We have a good fire-box, and have closed our shelter in with canvas. It's a little like the [?] shack of ours.

It's okay to apply the car money on board - I am going to have plenty. We live very simply, but well, and are comfortable in spite of the dull weather.

Glad you are getting out and around - [?], it's on me.

Be seeing you soon.


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