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Date: October 11th 1916
Amos William

Camp Hughes
Oct 11 / 16
Wed 6-30 PM.

My Dear Betty:-

Yours just to hand telling me of Matty am very - very sorry & shocked to hear of her condition & sincerely hope & pray that she will soon be restored to health & strength. Why not let your boarder go & let Mattie come to you, you could perhaps accommodate the children that is the two girls as well - She is certainly welcome to what we have & all we can do to help.

Don't worry about my not getting leave before we go overseas - We have no further news yet & it looks as though we may not be leaving now before the end of the month, I beleive it is a question of waiting for transport, then again, the time of the departure of battalions from now on is likely to be kept a secret - owing to the submarine business = I shall certainly either get or take leave before we go. I am trying to get a pass for this week-end, but hardly think that I shall be successful, however we shall see & hope for the best - about parcel shortbread etc - just put in what you like dear, & I shall enjoy it shortbread will be fine (make it sweet) & don't forget the pipe & cigars ah, ah. I'll try & get Billy something for his birthday & Shirlems something for mailing your letters - before I go am glad that you have your wood in such nice shape & am very - very glad to know that I shall leave you in comfort as far as material things are concerned. When I come I shall have a little washing for you to do, just underwear - shirt & socks I have not worn the overalls sence I came back to camp. It is good of Mr Burchill to split the slabs I must thank him when I come

Are you getting the mice cleaned up? I shall not take the knife with me - but I wish you could get me a small tin opener, also small pair of folding scissors - the overshoes also I shall leave at home & likely a pair of boots, Am sorry to have missed seeing Hal, but remember me to him, also to Mattie & the Guns must close again kiss the kiddies for me & best love & kisses to yourself Good-Night dear

yours lovingly

Betty xxxxxxxxxx
Shirley xxxxxxxxxx
Billy xxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. Mr. B. might dig the garden & you might be able to get some one to put manure on it - then if you have it turned over in the spring, you'll get a good job.


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