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Date: June 11th 1916
Amos William

June 11 /16
Monday 8 p.m.
291494 Corpl A.W.M.
C. Company
222nd Batt CEF
Camp Hughes

Dear Betty:-

Well & busy & likely to be still more busy as time goes on - We are to be inspected by the General (Sir S. Hughes) to morrow - Tuesday & that means a lot of work especially for the N.C.O.'s, I suppose it will be decided to morrow whether our stay in Canada is to be longer or shorter. Had a fairly good day yesterday. In the evening I conducted service in the lines & had a congregation of about 7 or 800 men & quite a few officers our Bandmaster with the band took charge of the music etc, I gave them a short simple talk, & the attention was splendid, it was indeed worth while quite a number have spoken to me since both officers & men saying how they enjoyed it, & the general impression seems to be that I am to be chaplain, in fact some have gone as far as to congratulates me on my appointment but as I said in my previous letter I am not building any hopes upon it in fact, I am rather doubtful in spite of certain favourable signs. One day last week & again to day I noticed a church of England clergyman strolling arround the lines for a good part of the day & paying very close attention to the officers especially the Colonel. I had the feeling that he is after the job, but I'm not going to worry any about whether it comes or no. I had a big surprise this afternoon just after dinner, who should appear in the tent's door but George Wood's, & out on etc road was his auto with Mr. & Mrs. Elsey & Mrs. Woods & some of the children in it they were on their way from Neepawa to Brandon, it was like old times to see them we had quite a chat & Mrs. Woods took your address & may call when in the city.

Gordon & Ed Elsey are in England with the soldiers.

Received your letter written on Sunday & am very - very interested in all that you are doing & am looking forward expectantly to seeing our home, not forgetting you in your new hat & Billy in his suit & Shirley in all her finery. I don't know yet about the weekend don't build on it but if I should happen to come on Friday Evening, have lots of hot soft water, for I shall want to soak myself for about an hour, we'll have a double bath! eh? You should see my face it is better than it is has been but the skin is all peeling off & it has been very sore, we get nothing but hard water here - Have you heard from Emerson yet? Let me know, also Mrs. Riley & Mr. Findly.

Must close again dear, love & kisses to Shirley - Billy & Betty, God bless & keep you all dear ones.

Yours lovingly,


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