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Date: July 4th 1917
Amos William

853 Nassau St. Winnipeg, Can

July 4 - 17

My dear Will,

This has been a busy week, so far, and no let up yet. No letters from you this week yet. It takes about 3 weeks for yours to come. Monday was very cold. - Not a good 1st July at all. I worked hard all day - washed - & scrubbed even the verandah, then went & weeded my garden, which took over two hours, but it looks well again. Tuesday (yesterday) was the day of the "Jeffrey-Halpenny" picnic. I had decided not to go, bit it turned fine and warm, - and I wanted to go see Mrs. Grant. So, I went with Mrs. Grant. There was about 17 of us, and we had a nice little picnic. I don't think there were more that 17 more in the park, so the children had lots of swings & see-saws. We were not long there when a couple came & sat not far off - which turned out to be Rev. Riley Smalley & his wife & little girl. I went over & had a long chat with them, & asked them to come over to tea to-morrow evening. He has give up his church, & is feeling pretty bad I think. I was surprise at this talk. I spoke of seeing him when he was going to Eng. to be married, & he said he wished he had stayed there. He is utterly disgusted with things here. He says there are no vacancies in Man. Only Bossevain & Ninga, & Bois is about dead. He does not know just what to do - whether to look for work - and supply when he can, or what. He is staying in W'p'g just now. Is to preach at Broadway 15th & 22nd July & W.C. Smalley the rest his Sundays. He said 2 men ran him out of the ch. at missionary.
His wife seems a nice - very young little person. I think one would like her better than Wile's wife. They have a little girl. The children & I went to see Mrs. Grant, saw all but Alex. Mrs. G. had a nervous breakdown this spring & looks real miserable. She & Nellie are going to Grand Beach to camp - for a couple of weeks soon. Alex was real sick in the winter with indigestion - was living on 3 or 4 quarts of milk a day. He is better now. Mrs. Grant is sending you a box. She got it to send to a boy who did not recognize the others she sent - so she is sending it to you - I gave her your address. It has a real big cake of chocolate, 2 small "Old Chums", a great pair of lases - cake of soap, little towel, & tin of Keating's powder. They have a phone now too. After the 10th we can go right out there on the ticket - transferring. They have had an awful time at Will Grants, next door. Some time ago - he has overstudied - he gave on address some where - & that night - at least at 3 A.M. he woke up laughing - His wife tried to wake him, or get him stopped - but he just laughed & laughed. He had gone clean off his head. His mother just happens to have come there that day. They phoned the Mrs. Grants - & they all ran in, & she said, there he was - had taken off the pyjama pants - & he was just covered with blood - had smashed everything in the room - the mirror, pictures, windows, & even the child's cot. They had to take him to Selkirk Asylum. Something interrupted her so she did not get telling me more - only before, she said that Mrs.Grant had just taken him to Calgary.

Well, we had tea, & after 7 a while Mr. O'Neill, (Jeffrey's bro.-in-law) - who had come out late, with the Dysen Co. Auto - truck, to take Kate the elderly sister, (invalid) home. Well we all got in the back - 14 of us all told - & Mrs. Gunn, Mrs. Jeffrey, Mrs. O'Nell, & I on a good sized packing box & the kids all on the bottom on a rug. Herbie & Raymond - 2 O'Neill girls - our two, & Nellie, & we went all thru' the park - round & round - meeting all the swell autos, & all saluting us. We had a regular joy ride& then he brought us right out to the city limits to our car, the youngsters wanted him to bring us home. We were advertising "Dyson Goods." When I got home, here was Mr. Foreman just finishing the lawn. (Mertie came with me tho it was before mine) He told him he wanted to surprise me. He made a dandy job of it, but the poor fellow, was sick all the time, & when he went home went right to bed - & was kind of delirious all night. She came in and phoned for the "Army Dr" - about 9 - but I don't believe the beggar even came. Had not near 4 p.m. anyway. Mr. Foreman is not extra strong - seems to be in poor shape now. I went down street (all of us) - this forenoon & I called to see if she wanted anything & a "singer" sewing machine man was there - He calls in often & said he'd give us a ride to the car, the children would like it so we hopped in - one of those long, one horse democrats. And he took us right down to Corydon. Mrs. Foreman said Mr. F. was laughing - did not think I'd go - & I did it saved me a long trip away around on the Coryden car. I also found that I can mail you bundles of papers at Eatons, I sent one roll today, - 3 Fiction papers - finishing "the Mattle of a Man." I had & my two $25. cheques, so put it all in the bank. After my $30.ºº chk - which I sent newspapers etc. is cashed, I'll have $ 69.ºº there, & $8 here, 14 to come on the 14th I got my receipt for he $30 to-day. I'll be glad when I get the $77.ºº paid, & start to get a "surplus." I have the wood & coal. 33 insurance, Taxes $25.ºº - & [?] $ 52.ºº which I think is all the large sums before xmas - So I should get a good bit [?] by xmas.

Billy got the T paper - & I got the Keatings. Think I'll just send the paper alone. You will be getting Mrs.Grants powder right away & I'll send this a little later. I got Billy's Scotts Emulsion, - if he just takes it, this eve. Nellie hurt Shirley on the street and she came in crying, Billy was very indignant. A couple of times he started out to tell him he was phoning the police but I called him back. After a while, I looked out , & he was out on the road, with a good chunk of board in his hands, and going to settle him. It was so funny, when he has so little use for her here.

At tea time I was trying to tell him how to put his jelly on his bread & he says - "No I'll do it my own way - I'm mad now." He's a cute monkey. Was wanting to get some water out to squirt with an old ball with a hole in it. He says "you know I'm looking after watering your garden now because papa is not here." I got them 2 clay pipes at last - 2 for 5 - but Shirley broke hers. I got them 10¢ worth of dibs - got 104 so they have a couple of new things.

I almost forgot to tell you Mattie is in bed again - Hal wrote Mertie - & she was to tell me. - a very bad cold & threatened with pneumonia on the right lung. She had taken a turn for the better & Hal had sent to Saskatoon for a prof. Nurse. He was to write again in a few days but we did not hear since. I hated going to the little picnic yesterday - thinking of her, & Hattie & you - I felt as thou' I was leaving you here sick in bed. I have to take so much advice from Mertie & Tillie ( Mrs. J) I was smiling today when I thought of me sittin at the phone, with my elbow up on the back of my chair & meekly soaking it all in, & decided I'd keep a novel there, for all I need to do is say "Oh yes" - & "that's so." They lecture me for staying in so much, but its my nature.
I wonder if I have told you it all now. It is very dull & dark tho' only 7.30 I stopped to feed a while ago, I got Shirley a good strong pair of slippers today ($1.50 like Billy's) they will do for Sundays & then for school. I also got her a pair of white stockings. Billy's Imulsion - a 20¢ pad & 28¢ envelopes stamps 50¢ a 10¢ rubber sponge. Some ribs 27¢ & 25¢ cooked meat for to-morrow, & a doz [?] I don't seem to be able to make up my mind to get any thing for myself. I need just a few things - but will get them later. I am not going to get much this summer - Guess $5.ºº will nearly supply me.

Well, dear old Will, I'll stop now - with the usual inquires about yourself. Will likely write on Saturday again I am anxious to know how you are - since my dreams.

Things are looking better now and perhaps it will end by fall. The possibility [?] are a thrill. Russia is doing fine again, & when the U.S. jets her 30,000 planes over, - To-day's paper says German prisoners say the allies are going to come & of course they are.

Goodnight now my dear. Bon - Nuit, and God bless you. I was asking Billy this morn. if he & you were going to sleep in the other bed - but I've got to be with him too. Billy will be more of a friend to me for this spell of not having you. He says "I love you mamma" & he says I say about his hands "the little hands that momma loves." Bye-bye dear


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