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Date: July 7th 1916
Amos William

Camp Hughes
Friday 8-30 p.m

Dear Betty:-

Received your epistle this evening enclosing Mother's - put in a most wretched day- preceded by a miserable night & am still feeling somewhat tough arm very painful & aching all over, there are two more injections to come yet, the 1st is 500 million dead Typhoid Bacilli 2nd 500 Million & 3rd 1 Billion, I get the 2nd injection just before coming on pass if it goes through, but I'll try & get it done a couple of days before if the doctor thinks its alright so as to give the effects time to wear off, it sure it a most painful process - it is done with hypodermic in left arm.

Well I have put in for leave from Reveille Monday July 17 until Reveille Thursday July 20th that will give me 3 days at home of course I shall not know for about a week whether I am getting it or not - If I do get it I have a plan simmering in my brain which will be well worth trying which is briefly this _________ If I am not on any duty the Sunday before I shall try & get away on the Sunday morning - you see Sunday is an off day anyway, so that unless I am no anyother duty such as Guard or Orderly Serg't, I could get away without being missed by the Captain, will try anyway that would give me an extra day.

Aylward has been made Corporal at last for which I am very glad. He had the most definite news about Harry that they have yet received. An aunt, a sister of Mr Aylward wrote after having visited him. She tells them to be prepared for a great change in him- his right arm will likely be useless & a piece of the bomb is still in his head, they cannot remove it & she says she thinks it has affected his mind etc - poor Harry & poor Mrs. Aylward I do hope & pray that he recovers & retains his faculties - it were better to die now else. You will have read about the big storm at Camp Hughes it certainly was some storm.

We have everything in good shape again however. You had better leave the wood shute open, also open or get Mr. Gunn to take out the other cellar windows, & hang ( if there is some around) a piece of netting to tack over, it needs airing. You had better use that right away. I looked forward to your letters they are the only ones I get, must close again dear, Hope I get home on the 16th or 17th it seems a very long time yet to look forward to, see that you have no work on those days we'll take it easy have a honeymoon eh? Love & kisses to kiddies & yourself
Goodbye dear


Betty xxxxxxx
Shirley xxxxxxx
Will xxxxxxx

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