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Date: February 5th 1917
Amos William

Feb 5 / 17

291494 E. Coy.
19th Reserve Batt
C/O Army Post Office
London Eng.

My Dear Betty:

I arrived in Camp again last evening (Sunday) & suppose that from now on there will be no more passes - unless the war closes soon, & that seems along way off; I try not to think about it I am so tired & sick of it, it certainly is no use making any forecasts regarding cessation of hostilities - we can only hope that the end will come anyway this year. I found your parcel awaiting me & two letters No's 23 & 24 the Parcel was in good condition for which very many thanks, I have a good supply of socks & handkerchiefs also towels - you had better not send any more parcels Betty, unless I go to France, as I shall hardly need them here - anyway I can get along, & you can save that much more Did I tell you that I had had a letter from Maggie Flett a week or so ago? Also one from Lizzie waiting for me on my return from leave. I was sorry to hear of you straining yourself lifting snow etc, now Betty you must not take any chances remember everything depends upon you just now - so take as good care of yourself as possible.

Am glad Mattie is so much better & hope it will continue. I guess by this time your Mother has gone, & Ruby's visit will be a thing of the past, it would be nice if you could get a nice boarder just for the sake of company etc. We are having quite a severe winter for England nothing like it for 36 years & more.

I hope Billy is well by this, also that you are feeling better. I am enclosing some more Picture Post Cards you can divide them between the the children, they are actual photos taken at the front, The tanks are especially interesting. I feel awfully blue & lonesome to night but I guess it will pass off in time thought I am always longing for the time to come when I shall be able to return. When the war is over they cannot send me back too soon, & now that I have seen Father & Mother again, I am satisfied, & shall not care if I never see England again.

Remember me to all enquiring friends & best love & kisses to your selves dear ones.

Yours lovingly & longingly

Betty xxxxxxxxxxxx
Shirley xxxxxxxxxxx
Billy xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sending Post Cards separately by same mail.

Original Scans

Original Scans