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Date: July 22nd 1917
Amos William

853 Nassau St. Wpg. Can
July 22-17.

My dear husband.-

Sunday afternoon, and Shirley off to Sunday School. We have been having some very hot weather. Yesterday and Friday were scorchers - but about 10 p.m. a real cold wind sprang up which was very refreshing. To day is pleasant yesterday morning the postie cam early & I got my Patriotic Chk, ($24ºº this time). Had been waiting for The Emerson, but it has not come yet. I hope They are not giving it up. Well, I got my chk. Cashed at the Drug store, so walked down to the little post office at Morley & mailed the two boxes from the Kiddies to you. - registered Lucia's parcel. Sent one roll of papers to you- sent the Clergyman & got 50¢ stamps. It was a big lot of mailing but I have all done up to date now. Coming back I got some scones in a bakery near the P.O. - some groceries at P.&B. & a bit of pork. & then home. My it was hot. Left the children at Gunns.

Billy is all right again. Just stopped giving him the oil on Saturday. Dr. McRae phoned on Fri & said to get him back to a full dish by degrees. He has a real good appetite.

Well, I think I've decided not to go to Strathclair - after all, but am taking them out to the park as often as I can, & will likely have a day or two at St. Peters. Yesterday at 3 p. . - just after the milk cam we set off in the heat to River Park - took our supper along and stayed till it got cool. Shirley climbed trees & slid down hill on her sit down etc. & had a great time. Billy climbed some - but chiefly ate, - & lay with his head on my lap. There is a sister - in - law of Mr. Woods visiting him just now from Toronto (Miss Plowman) & she is very charming with me. It is strange but they all seem to select me, out of this row. She will just be here till Aug. 21. & she is coming to the Park with us some day. We stopped & had a look at the little train - & the merry-go-round. I will have to take them on it some time.(Fancy me sailing around on the merry-go-round) I guess Shirley could go on a horse, & Billy & I in one of those round baskets, where we'd be sure not to Fall out. He says he will sit on my knee. I had the club bag - to carry our lunch a quart of lemonade & a pint of tea. - & even the bag simply is a load. I wont take so much again for you can get water there. & will just take a little basket. I guess I told you I had quarreled with Mrs. Faulkner. I just passed yesterday for the first - said "Good-Morning", & she answered. I will not bother about them - but wont have the kid in any more. I am not going to be called such names to my own children by him. & I don't think they are "my style" anyway - only they were quite anxious to be in with me. They had a party on his Mr. F birthday. & she invited all the folks along- but us. & next morning, she put herself about to tell me that the neighbors had given Mr. F. a surprise party - had not even let her know They were coming - after her inviting them. She ran Mrs. Foreman to death, right after she came - & told him that she did not love Faulkner - that she had a lover in England & he told Mr. Foreman - that his wife's father was a "[?]" They were having a great row the evening of the day I went for her. He was going it like a Steam Engine, - I think it was about me, etc. She put down her window at last so I did not hear - but I kept in doors that eve - expecting he might have been having a go at me outside.

Did I tell you I have Miss Cleudeuning sleeping here now. She is doing housework in a lawyer's home just at Nassau Bap. Church. - & slept at Foremans - is Mrs. Foreman's sister - so I was worrying about you - & feeling so lonely & blue- & asked her to sleep here while her sister is away. I find she has been sleeping on a sofa in there (just one room furnished)- & it was doing her a good turn. She is a good girl, & nice. Gets up about 7 - & goes to her work in time for breakfast, & gets home about 7.30. Is off after 2 p.m. on Thursday's & Sundays - so I'd have her for tea, tho' she will likely go to Foreman's oftener. I guess it is as good as I can do - no extra work except to wash the sheets. & I guess she will make up for that. She brought us a find feed of green peas for dinner to-day. (ours should be ready in a week.) One blessing - she has no trunk- just a suit case. Her young man is a soldier - & has just gone to St. John - Quebec.

Did I ever tell you that the soldiers next door to her one called Olson, died - a couple of months ago. She does not get any pension, because it was turberculosis - & he had it before he inlisted - & she did not get any thing from his Insurance in the Odd fellows because she had let $16 pass without paying it when she should. It seems rather hard.

Mrs. Ross phoned to-day. They will be leaving about the end of next week. For Qu'appella . Am sorry they are going. Miss Poole has not gone yet, but trying to get away.

I must write a line to congratulate Miss Reid(Parkinson.) & tell her we shall go to see her when we can - & tell her to come over to see us. Maybe she would spend a p.m. in Kildonan Park. She lives near the North Hanes Car. We are counting on going to Broadway Baptist to-night - Miss C. will come too. I think Riley Smalley will be there to-night - & likely W.C. next 2 Sundays. It will soon be 3 weeks since I was down street. I have not bought "my goods" yet. Will have to get a pair of "Sunday Shoes" & a white skirt (about 1.50) and look at the Sale hats. Mrs. Gunn got one cheap now - & will wear it next summer. I hardly think I shall. I go out so little, & it will soon be fall. I think I'll save for a warm closh coat. May get Thorey to make one - if it is cheaper.

When I stop to think - it seems odd to be writing such "light" stuff, as the foregoing, to you there, in the midst of horrors - & hardships. It may sound different to you, - it's just what is going on her. I am wondering when there will be a letter from you again. Is there any set length of time you stay in the trenches & out of them? Russia has been doing badly again. It's a shame the way she has been acting. I hope they get back to business soon. When will it End!

Tues. eve. I should have mailed this, on Sun. & started a fresh one, as I intended. But yesterday I did a big washing & baked bread (too save fuel) & the heat was awful. It has turned cool this p.m.

We went to Broadway - very few out. It was Rev. Matthews P. Smalley must have got something else. W. C. is to be there next two weeks. Then Rev. Kaye, then a stranger. The Text was "Jesus wept" - a nice simple talk - sympathetic like the man (or his style.) I got a 2nd trench card on Mon. - why 2, I wonder - yesterday Mr. Hargrave phoned to see how Billy was - was just sending a letter to his son "Eric" he calls him, & wanted to put in it how Billy was, It was real kind of him. He says I am to call on him, any time, - any thing he can do - not to think it is too much trouble to him.

I see poor Mr. Pryor's name in the list of wounded to-night. It made me feel awful - knowing that you may have been right beside him, I wonder if he was badly hurt. I shall write to Mrs. Pryor. It is so long before we get any particulars - & the suspense is awful. I see a Mr. Knowles, (Emerson) in the wounded too. I can't to Ruby's now - it would be misery out there Tho' I wish she were living in here. I hope you are well - but - know you are always in danger. We all went down town after an early lunch. I got my bank book all marked up to date. All the chks were cashed, except the Phone. So I have $113. about now - with 2nd to come from Emerson - & my assigned pay. I got your medal ribbon and am sending it in this; Also got some candles to send in the next parcel, will also send some more Old Chum. If there is anything else you'd like be sure to mention it I got a pair of shoes - just $2ºº will do nicely for good pr a while & I have boots still. Got a white skirt $1.75 and a white sailer hat 1.75 but I am not sure that I'll keep it. I won't need anything more this summer. Expect to make up a hat of old stuff for Shirley one of these days. Well, I'll close now, and shall be anxiously waiting for your next letter. Our thoughts are with you, and I do hope & pray for a speedy end to it. And that you will be home safe and well. God - bless & keep you safe. There seems so little we can do here only to work & watch & watch - & Keep up hope. Love & Kisses from us all
Betty xxx

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